We create and apply technologies to study biological cells and the biomolecular interactions that drive their intra- and intercellular signaling.

We are working towards multi-omic (transcriptomic, proteomic and epigenomic) interrogation of single-cell states in situ, with a particular focus on how context-dependent crosstalk between different cells orchestrates tissue physiology and pathology.

Primary areas of application include immunology and cancer.

Selected Publications

1. Matthias Zilbauer, Kylie R. James, Mandeep Kaur, ... , Jellert T. Gaublomme, ... , Sarah A. Teichmann, Aviv Regev, Ramnik J. Xavier, Alison Simmons, Michael P. Snyder, Keith T. Wilson, Gut Cell Atlas Consortium & Human Cell Atlas Gut Biological Network Consortium
A Roadmap for the Human Gut Cell Atlas
Nature reviews gastroenterology & hepatology. 2023

2. Affo S, Nair A, Brundu F, Ravichandra A, Bhattacharjee S, Matsuda M, Chin L, Filliol A, Wen W, Song X, Decker A., ... & Schwabe, R. F.
Promotion of cholangiocarcinoma growth by diverse cancer-associated fibroblast subpopulations.
Cancer cell. 2021

3. Gaublomme J*, Li B*, McCabe C, Knecht A, Yang Y, Drokhlyansky E, Van Wittenberghe N, Waldman J, Dionne D, Nguyen L, De Jager P, Yeung V, Zhao X, Habib N, Rozenblatt-Rosen O, Regev A.
Nuclei multiplexing with barcoded antibodies for single-nucleus genomics. Nature Communications 2019.

4. Gaublomme JT*, Yosef N*, Lee Y*, Gertner RS, Yang LV, Wu C, Pandolfi PP, Mak T, Satija R, Shalek AK, Kuchroo VK, Park H, Regev A.
Single-Cell Genomics Unveils Critical Regulators of Th17 Cell Pathogenicity. Cell. 2015.

5. Wang C, Yosef N, Gaublomme J, Wu C, Lee Y, Clish CB, Kaminski J, Xiao, Meyer Zu Horste G, Pawlak M, Kishi Y, Joller N, Karwacz K, Zhu C, Ordovas-Montanes M, Madi A, Wortman I, Miyazaki T, Sobel RA, Park H, Regev A, Kuchroo VK.
CD5L/AIM Regulates Lipid Biosynthesis and Restrains Th17 Cell Pathogenicity.
Cell. 2015.

6. Yosef N*, Shalek AK*, Gaublomme JT*, Jin H, Lee Y, Awasthi A, Wu C, Karwacz K, Xiao S, Jorgolli M, Gennert D, Satija R, Shakya A, Lu DY, Trombetta JJ, Pillai MR, Ratcliffe PJ, Coleman ML, Bix M, Tantin D, Park H, Kuchroo VK, Regev A.
Dynamic regulatory network controlling TH17 cell differentiation.
Nature. 2013.

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